Recommending: Plumbing Costs Survey

One of the ways we can make sure our customers are satisfied – in addition to doing a first-rate job every time, of course – is to charge reasonable and competitive prices for our services. The thing is, we don’t always know whether our rates do, in fact, meet these criteria. It would be easier to ensure that our prices are fair if we had something to compare them to. Well, the website helped us out by providing us with data about average plumbing costs. And now, the same website has given us all the information we need by means of a nationwide phone survey.

The survey is fairly straightforward, no confusing questions like some polls tend to include. The website’s very personable rep simply asked me how much we charge for a wide variety of plumbing jobs, from fixing leaky faucets to clearing tree roots from drains and water pipes. After I gave her the required info, she was able to tell me exactly where we stand on a national and state scale. It seems we are doing well in both cases, and our prices are slightly higher than the Texas average, but not as high as the national average. So, thanks to, we can now officially offer our customers top-notch and reasonably priced services!