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Our plumbers are experts when it comes to finding leaks

“I just noticed a wet, discolored patch on my bathroom wall. Do I have a serious leak?” When we get that question, we know we have to be at customers home at no time.

Any leak has the potential to be serious as water can cause damage to your home’s structure. While a drip or a wet patch is often a sign that you’ve got a leak, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the leak is right behind the discolored spot. The real problem area may be quite a bit farther up the line.

Leak detection costs

If it turns out that the leak is right behind the wet patch, then it may be an easy fix that costs as little as $100. However, leaks that are more difficult to detect require additional time and materials. This may add significantly to the cost. Simply finding the source of the problem can cost as much as $200

It’s important to keep in mind that additional repairs will be needed when a leak is detected. If it’s necessary to replace or repair flooring, drywall or ceilings, then costs increase significantly.

Get an estimate for leak detection

Call us now, for an estimate of leak detection in Austin TX. We will do our best to provide you with an accurate estimate for the costs of leak detection. Note! Our estimate is for the leak detection, and NOT for the leak repair. In order to get an estimate for the repair job, please ask for that specifically.

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